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We had a wonderful experience with purchasing 4 custom sized prints on canvas from The Carmel Gallery. Their images were beautiful and captured the locations they have visited extremely well. Their photos of Tuscany go perfectly in our home and the multiple simulations they did (and sent back-n-forth via email to us) to ensure we had the right sizes and colors for the different areas of our home was truly first class customer service and represents their personal commitment to ensure we are happy with our purchase for the long term. Excellent overall experience!

The gorgeous poppies arrived earlier this week! We are thrilled! Thank you all for helping us with our purchase. I feel like I am looking out the window at the most beautiful coast in all the world with our favorite flowers sprinkled about the landscape!

We purchased a framed photograph on Sunday April 6 and requested the Gallery mail the framed piece to us. WOW - WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! It arrived beautifully packaged on Tuesday only 2 days later via FedEx. I couldn't believe how quickly I got it.

The Carmel Gallery is a beautiful gallery right in the heart of Truckee. The space is amazing and it's a low key environment so you don't feel like you are getting a "hard sell" when you stop in to browse. I have a beautiful print of spring flowers and I think their coffee table book is a perfect hostess gift! I'm so thrilled to see that they have expanded to Calistoga and beyond with their amazing artwork. Definitely worth a stop when you are in Truckee or the California Wine Country!

Truly an outstanding gallery! Friendly, helpful service...and no pressure!

The Carmel Gallery is one of my favorite stops in Calistoga. The husband & wife Carmel team feature their amazing nature photography here. Much of it is California scenery but there are also various shots from Italy and Greece. The gallery space has an upstairs as well and there is plenty to browse. Majestic forests to ocean vistas, vineyards to Tahoe panoramas, you will find it all here in amazingly vivid photography. Many works are on canvas for ease of hanging but there are also some reprints on paper and post card size reproductions to fit every budget. Carmel Gallery is a joy to visit and if you're in the market for some (pricey but cool) photography for your home, worth some consideration. 
Friendly staff and I believe they will ship your purchase for you.

Artwork is not what makes the Napa Valley a destination- it's the wine and the food. The Carmel Gallery, thankfully, portrays both with its still-lifes of food & wine, along with sunny vineyards. The prices range from items for everyday folks (small postcard sized copies of paintings) to the huge canvases themselves. They're a friendly group. They've also done some amazing paintings of nearby Holy Assumption Monastery & its interior that look so realistic, they resemble photographs. Calistoga in an artistic town, and newcomer Carmel Gallery brings light to this ambiance. Calistoga definitely isn't the dark night of the artistic soul. On the northernmost point of the valley, it glows with hot springs... and art.

Photography so beautiful that it looks like a painting. Although they have done outstanding work all over the world, Elizabeth and her husband, Olof, currently reside in Truckee and have taken some of the most beautiful photographs of the area. I visit a lot of galleries and their work has really stuck with me, even weeks later. First introduced to their work in Yosemite, it was a pure delight to visit the gallery in Truckee. Their work pays homage to historic photographers of the Sierras, but also uses the latest technology to push the boundaries and create surreal images of the natural beauty of the region.

Very friendly staff, wonderful art work and some of the most gorgeous photos of the Sierras and other places that I have seen. I would highly recommend a visit to this gallery.

- You can purchase their prints on a smaller scale for a reasonable price, or easily spend hundreds or thousands when printed on a large scale if you want a statement piece for your home. Recently awarded the commission to provide panoramic murals of the Sierras for the new Donner Memorial State Park Museum, I am excited that their work will be presented on this larger stage. 

- Located at the end of Commercial Row in downtown Truckee, I consider this gallery a must visit when you are in the area.

Beautiful gallery, stunning photos on canvas and so much more. Napa Valley photo greeting cards perfect for any occasion. Really nice people.

We came into Calistoga in January 2014. This is the first gallery we went to and were thrilled with our experience!!! A wonderful art consultant greeted us and was very helpful. We returned the next day and met Olof, he was very personable and after speaking with him found out he was from Big Sky Montana. We will return to this gallery in the future!!!

We have received Fallen Leaves, and it is beautiful. It was great online, but stunning in person. The color and clarity are amazing! So pretty.

Thanks for your timely help. My wife LOVED the print on Valentines Day. It's amazing how the colors pop. The sunset glows as if there were real light coming from the print.

Just back from installing your prints at the Ritz Carlton Highlands, and all of your photographs look fantastic!

Your print is framed and mounted on the wall in our foyer -- and it looks FABULOUS! My wife and I are so pleased with how well it turned out!

My wife and I loved visiting your beautiful gallery recently, thank you for your hospitality!

I will bring all friends & relatives to see your beautiful gallery over the holidays. Truckee can now boast a beautiful gallery with local artists.

Some of us Kansans stopped by the gallery back in June, loved the work, and can't wait to return for a visit.

After viewing the calendar photos, I became an instant fan!

Great stuff!! Thank you for sharing your talents and visions with the rest of the universe!

Stunning images. The landscape have a way of revealing their innermost beauty to you.

The picture arrived yesterday and we are enjoying moving it around the house to find the right lighting and environment for the picture. Thank you very much for the years of pleasure it will bring and memories of Yosemite.

Absolutely Stunning. Love, love, love your work!

Brilliant! Looking for a memento of our time here in the U.S.A. and we found it!

Eclectic. Incredible values!

I love the photogaphy - 2016 CALENDAR please!

Could not resist - bought one!

Your saleswoman is the BEST + you're lucky to have her!

Wow - all my favorite places in the world!

Beautiful and very open high vibe pictures!

Lovely, inspiring. This gallery is beautiful!

I feel drunk on beauty every time I come here!

Gorgeous; thank you!

My favorite place! Exquisite. Thanks for the memories!

The photos are fantastic. Such a beautiful gallery

Stunningly beautiful and inspirational

Took me to another place and time. Bought my first art from you years ago, still love it!

Thank you for super service. Wonderful store

Stunning store. Lovely salesperson!

Friendly, beautiful gallery

Amazing and memorable works of Arts!

Fantastic gallery. The world thru observant eyes

Huge fan! Love your work. Incredible values!

It is all amazing and beautiful. I love your photography. I am 14 years old and I wish to take pictures like you.

Beautiful in every way. Thank you! A feast for the eyes!

Thank you for seeing and capturing what we don't see

A very nice addition to a quaint little town. Warm and friendly welcome by staff. - - - Exquisite photography! Very talented couple!

We purchased a wrapped canvas of "Tahoe Twilight" by Elizabeth Carmel and we absolutely love it. By the way, we have it lit with a dimmer switch and it is truly the star of our living room!

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the picture of the grapes in fall! The picture is displayed in my office and every time I gaze at the beautiful colors I am reminded of our amazing trip to Calistoga! Thank you for offering such inspiring works of art!

-We are absolutely in love with our stunning piece of art! It fits perfectly on our wall, and everyone who sees it is enthralled. Thank you for making this process so simple. We’ll definitely stop into the gallery again the next time we are in Calistoga.

I just want to let you know I picked up the print in the Calistoga gallery, and I'm very, very pleased! It's just beautiful! I already have it hanging on my wall, and I'm so enjoying showing it off to friends. Thank you, thank you!

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International fine art photographers Elizabeth and Olof Carmel have traveled throughout the world for over 30 years exploring and photographing the Earth's beautiful landscapes. The California-based photographers specialize in unique and expressive fine art prints of the natural world. Their prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating works of art which are available as fine art prints for your home and office. All of their work is printed as museum quality pigment prints ("giclee" prints) using archival inks and printing materials. To ensure their work meets the highest standards, the Carmels personally do their own fine art printing and supervise the framing of their works.

You are invited to explore the two Carmel Gallery locations in California. Our Truckee gallery is located at 9940 Donner Pass Road in Truckee, California, the gateway to the Lake Tahoe region. The Calistoga gallery is located at 1329 Lincoln Avenue in the heart of the Napa Valley. These Galleries feature fine art landscape photography by Olof & Elizabeth Carmel, along with a unique and exciting collection of sculpture, woodwork, jewelry, and glasswork.

If you are not able to visit our galleries, please use this website to explore what we offer and make your purchase online using our secure online storefront. We guarantee that your purchase will arrive safely and in perfect condition. We can ship anywhere in the USA and to most countries outside of the USA. Please do not hesitate to call us (888)482-4632, or email us with any questions

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